Why You Should Consider Buying Instagram Followers

There are several compelling reasons why individuals/companies buy Instagram followers. The 21st Century has been characterized by a revolution of the social media such as Instagram and Facebook. Instagram is a mobile phone app which facilitates sharing of videos and photos via the internet. Itís a platform that enables social networking.

Reasons for buying Instagram followers

Today, many people/organizations buy Instagram followers because it provides a good platform where they can:

¸ Initiate and grow their presence on social media.

¸ Build and maintain a good reputation.

¸ Enhance sales, and ultimately increase profitability.

¸ Create brand awareness.

¸ Foster goodwill among friends/associates.

¸ Express their competitive advantage.

¸ Market their services/products in creative ways.

¸ Upload behind-the-scenes photographs.

¸ Inform clients on their latest promotions and offers.

¸ Connect with their customers (both prospective and existing).

¸ Learn/understand what their clients need/want.

¸ Reach their target market and new audiences.

¸ Supplement other marketing strategies.

¸ Spread the ??gospelí/get the word out.

¸ Build trust and personality among their customers.

¸ Increase traffic to their Facebook or Twitter accounts.

¸ Freely advertise their goods/services.

Time period

Most of the companies that offer these services have made the transaction process very convenient. Therefore, clients from any part of the world can make instant payments via safe platforms, and obtain the services (followers) almost immediately after the payments (within 24 hours).

Majority of the service providers offer money-back guarantee, hence customers can reclaim their money if they do not get satisfied.


The average cost of buying Instagram followers is US $ 7-10 for every 500 followers. Payment is usually made via PayPal. Some companies also accept payment through Master Card and VISA card.

Where to buy

The following are some of the best companies where people can buy Instagram followers:

FastFollowerz (www.fastfollowerz.com) Buzzoid (www.buzzoid.com) Hypez (www.hypez.com) ViralKick (www.viralkick.com) SocialRoar (www.socialroar.com)
Additional benefits of buying Instagram followers

Instant access to active followers- they are ??deliveredí within 24 hours. Safe payment methods (through PayPal, VISA card, Master Card). Value for money. Clients are not required to follow anyone in return. Password is not required, and therefore, thereís limited risk of hacking. Availability of a wide range of packages to suit different needs and budgets (500, 1000, 2000 or 10, 000 followers). Money back guarantee/ refund policy. 24-hour customer support. Affordable prices.
Is there possibility of the account getting banned?

Buying followers does not breach any of the parent companyís (Instagram) terms and conditions. Therefore, thereís little/no risk of an account getting banned as a result of buying followers.

Is there a possibility of losing followers?

When customers buy followers from reputable companies, they are assured of retaining most of them, because such companies usually work extremely hard to attract, find and retain long term and committed followers. They also offer retention and replacement guarantee.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Most of the reputable companies have strict confidentiality and privacy policies. Therefore, clients are assured that their business arrangement (of having bought followers, instead of getting them using conventional means) remains private and confidential.

Possible alternatives

There are several alternatives that can be considered before/in addition to buying Instagram followers. They are as follows:

v Hiring a social media specialist-the strategist can help in promoting the account within a short time period, thus enabling the client to bypass the steep learning curve.

v Posting attractive images/ photographs daily.

v Using interesting captions alongside the images.

v Posting images at strategic times of the day/night, when most of the users/followers are online.

v Editing photos- uploading multiple images after modifying them/using different filters.

v Using interesting hashtags on all posts.

v Making use of geotagging.